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Testimonial for Window Republic Service quality

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30 June 2014 
I was asked by a local Housing Co-Operative to help organise the replacement of windows 
and external doors in seven occupied terraced Victorian properties in Battersea and Balham 
in South London. 
The Co-Op wanted the replacements to be in timber and to match as closely as possible the 
original, but of course to higher thermal performance specification, ie double/triple glazed 
and draught stripped. 
I emailed a pre-qualification questionnaire to over 20 companies to establish, for example, if 
they offered a manufacture and fit service, the extent of the preparation and making good 
they would undertake, how closely Victorian profiles could be matched, materials and 
construction specifications, FENSA membership, insurance guarantee, contract terms, 
experience of the CDM regulations. 
Window Republic returned the most detailed response to the questionnaire. 
From the answers received, the Co-Op and I then selected five companies to tender for the 
works. Included in the tender documents were further questions about the specification of the 
products and the service offered. Again, Window Republic returned the most detailed answers 
and their pricing was both thorough and competitive. Pricing was based on a schedule of 
doors and windows prepared by me but the companies tendering were also required to visit 
each property and to measure before tendering. 
After a meeting with its representative and inspection of both a demonstration sample of a 
sash window and a visit to two completed projects in Kensington, Window Republic was 
selected to carry out the works. 
The works were carried out using the JCT Minor Works Building Contract 2011. I was the 
contract administrator. A payment schedule adapted from the FENSA model was agreed by 
negotiation and written into the contract. 
After measuring again, Window Republic prepared drawings for comment and for the 
factory to work to. 
On the whole, the contract ran smoothly. I was a little concerned about the windows being 
manufactured outside the UK but there were no evident problems with logistics. There was a 
minor glitch when one of the tenants could not provide access on the agreed date, but 
Window Republic  was able adapt their programme to accommodate this. 
On site, work areas were screened off, furniture and fittings were protected or, where 
practical, moved and then replaced on completion. Workmanship was good. 
Communications were good. 
The Housing Co-Op is now considering using Window Republic on the next tranche of its 
properties and I look forward to working with them again.