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Timber Sash Windows, and Doors Contract In Clapham, Battersea, and Balham, London, Nears completion

With closure of the first tanche of Sash Window and patio door installation and for the Battersea Housing Co-operative in Clapham, Balham and other areas of South London nearing completion we can reflect on how we worked and the significant achievements of the project.

Each individual project started on the exact day planned and each project completed ahead of schedule. This was significant achievement given the complexity of the some of the fitting and openings allowed.

Care with taken to ensure all tenants personal possessions where protected and all surfaces were covered during the window replacement programme. Significant care had to be taken as one of tenants only recently gave birth to premature babies.

We look forward to next tranche of work to take place later in the year and hope it goes as well as this job.

Timber Sash Window manufacture requires careful preparation and much effort was taken to ensure measurements where accurate, engineering drawings completed and approved by the client before any manufacture was started. Each unit went through rigorous testing in the factory before being packaged and bought to site.

All these installation ran error free throughout and all good arrived at the appropriate location exactly ready to meet the installation process.

Dear All,

I wanted to say a big thank you. We are thrilled with the new windows, they look amazing and Val and his crew did a brilliant job , the flat was dust free and they were just really friendly throughout the week. Thanks again.

Kind regards
Mollie and Jim