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Casement Windows

Our timber casement windows can be ordered in two different profiles:

  • 56mm outward opening with an integrated 'stay' locking mechanism
  • 69mm inward opening or tilt and turn Continental European type

The pricing of our casement windows provides our clients a real alternative to PVC casement windows, but with style and quality of solid timber.

Window Republic casement windows can be ordered with several fixed panes and opening casements regular hinges, parliament/projection hinges or friction hinges.

Timber used Heading Arrow

We only use the highest quality soft & hardwood timber for our casement windows:

  • Nordic Pine
  • Siberian Larch
  • Oak

We only use engineered quality wood for optimal product durability. If properly maintained, our casement windows will last a lifetime, and beyond.

Glazing Heading Arrow

For the glazing we use the most modern double glazing technology that is currently on the market. All our double glazing is Argon-filled and offers a 1.4W/(m²K) to 1.5W/(m²K) U-Value and are 'B' energy Rated. We source our glass from major manufacturers such as Saint-Gobain® and SZILÁNK®.

White Edgetech super spacers or white aluminium spacers within the double glazing units produce an optimal visual blend-in.

Finish Heading Arrow

All our casement windows have three paint coats: one basecoat primer, one preservative undercoat and a white semi gloss, micro porous topcoat finish. (Sikkens Rubol WF380), All paint is spray finished and is replicated during the installation process on adjoining wood work by our own installers.

Sealing Heading Arrow

All our casement windows come triple sealed, using aquamac weather seals, offering optimal draft sealing and prevent any sash rattle.